Sunday, July 18, 2010

....speaking of Emile Gruppe

....speaking of Emile Gruppe in my previous blog...this is one of his paintings titled Clear Morning, Gloucester Harbor, ca. 1955. 30x36" Best known for his vigorous portrayals of the harbors and houses of Gloucester, Massachusetts and the rural scenery of Vermont, his art reflects his belief that “When a man paints, he expresses his whole life; what he’s done and what he’s experienced. If you are bold and outgoing, your work will show it.” His most prominent American teachers were Charles Hawthorn (Provincetown, Ma) and John Carlson (his most admired) .
Gruppé is said to have painted every day, producing about two hundred oils a year ... multiply that by six decades!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Favorite Teacher - Charles Movalli

Charles Movalli taught with very much enthusiasm and helped me greatly in my decision to continue my passion with painting. He is from Gloucester Mass. and was raised in an artist family. Charles was a contributing editor to American Artist magazine, for which he eventually produced over 70 articles on art and artists. Movalli also edited the three Emile Gruppe books: Gruppe on Painting, Brush Work; Gruppe on Color; and Brushwork for the Oil Painter. I believe I took 4 outdoor workshops with him. What a great teacher and human being! God Bless Charles!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Painting Area

A view of my art room...I have to do something about all my cd's since I recently switched to mp3's on an IPod... I'll have more room on the top shelf for stuff. I have to have music playing while I paint... or a red sox game.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Swing Bridge S.Bristol, Maine

One of the many views of this small Maine town that features a swing bridge...over the years it's been the subject for many painters. Locals call this area "the gut". Many interesting buildings in this sea side town. yr. 2004 `24 x 24"

Studio View Newfields NH

A view of my old neighborhood looking out my studio window... the red brick building was the post office, until they built a new one down the road. yr. 2005 16x20 Oil Paint

Smuckers House

While at a watercolor workshop in Ohio...I sneaked out my oil paints and did a oil painting of the Smuckers house of Smuckers Jelly fame. yr. 18x24" Oil Paint